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Labour costs

How can I optimise my operations?


We predict the number of customers expected, and thanks to our Machine Learning algorithm, you can efficiently plan the number of employees needed for each service.

This allows you to optimise labour costs by avoiding over- or understaffing, while ensuring a quality service tailored to demand.


How can I have a comprehensive view on all my points of sales?

Thanks to a unified dashboard, you'll be able to have a 360° view of your business from both head office and the field.

 Each point of sale will have its own KPIs, predictions and ramp-up.


Can I have an offer and communication that are adapted over time for my different audiences?


Segmented audience according to the number of guests and modelized their bookings ramp-up, so you know who's coming when. We measure the price-sensitivity of these segments to identify variations in demand and their psychological price, enabling you to identify your critical prices and propose an appropriate offer.

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