Frequently Asked Questions

I know for a fact that the quality of my data is very poor. Can you work with incomplete or inconsistent data sets?

Yes! Data sets are always incomplete AND inconsistent. That’s an unvarying characteristic. The most important aspect is not the quality of your data but its freshness, and what you do with it.
The relevance and efficiency of an optimized model are only as strong as its ability to monitor and drive your operations in real-time, against your own data regardless of its quality.
The good news is: that’s our specialty. Our methodology and algorithms are built for making the most of the available data, and embrace its inherent unpredictability. That’s why we talk about Robust Revenue Management.

Our organization is not structured enough to handle a Data Science or AI project! When will we be eligible?

Your already are thanks to Apollo Plus! We know you don’t have the resources to hire dedicated staff, and we don’t need you to have a degree in Mathematics or Operational Research. Those are precisely the reasons why you need a lean and robust solution, based on a methodology that minimizes the amount of time required from you and maximizes efficiency every step of the way.

How much time will my team need to dedicate to this project?

We ask you focus your time and implication to five half-day workshops during the study phase. Once the models are up and running, most of the value creation will come through autopilot. You will be able to monitor your business on your custom online application, and decide whether or not to trigger activation tactics suggested by the system. During this phase, the Apollo Plus team will assist you in your understanding of the optimized models and your decision-making.

We already tried with one of your competitors, and it failed. What’s different about you?

You are often offered standard or “off-the-shelf” solutions, as well as an increasing number of “just upload your data and wait five minutes” alternatives. In our experience, only custom-made models and segmentations based on a dedicated study of your data and operations can prove relevant. In this new frontier of innovation, a strong track record, proven results and continued R&D investments make a difference.One final advice: beware of free trials. Nothing is ever really free when it comes to a database and its uses!

Our in-house Data Scientists have failed. Why should you succeed?

We have several cases of clients we managed to help significantly, even after they had implemented in-house data-related initiatives.
Our methodology and the mathematical tools we developed offer a new perspective. As a pure-player, the seven years of R&D investments and academic collaboration with the French CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) provide us with the right knowledge, know-how and computing capabilities to take you to the next level.
Far from making your Data Scientists redundant, we provide the means to enhance their productivity and help carry their voice throughout the organization.

At what point do you ask for a commitment on my part?

First, we start with a study phase. During two to four months, we acquire an in-depth, data-oriented understanding of your business and performance levers, build powerful segmentation and optimized models specific to your operations and strategy. During this study phase, we only ask for your time and implication to five half-day workshops.
At the end of this study, the set of deliverables you get provide you with comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the levers and detailed value creation potential of implementing the optimized models through a dedicated web app. You are the ones with your hands on the launch button!

Another question?

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