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How can I rebalance my relationship with my intermediaries?


Knowing the sales ramp-up, your segments and the volumes and conditions of your "B2B partners", we can identify the pockets of sales that you can convert directly and those where intermediation is more effective.

We can also calculate the loss generated by intermediation and suggest ways of disintermediating.

Deferred sales

How many sales have I already committed to?

By retrieving your sales and reservations data, we know how many sales are committed to date.

By taking into account past seasons, the current trend and the specifics of the weeks to come (events, works, holiday periods, bank holidays, etc.), we can model the seasonality of sales for a planned date and you'll know whether or not you're behind schedule.

Marketing strategy

How do you know what communications strategy to adopt?


Sales ramp-up on detailed segmentation of your audience on any significant variable (room type, geographic origin).


Determine whether an audience is dropping out or sticking, and take the necessary action. Thanks to the demand intensity, you'll be able to know on which public the ROI will be higher

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