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Leverage your data

Enjoy a clear view on all of your activities and make enlightened decisions at the right time.

Whatever your size, the number of sites, activities and providers you have, we have a solution for you.

Your personalized, augmented analytics live in 2 to 4 weeks


Discovery manages to retrieve data from various providers (Vivaticket, SeeTickets, Omniris, X-Gil, in-house, etc.) under various formats (.csv, web-services, API, etc.) with heterogeneous frequencies.

Once extracted, records are normalized thanks to our flexible and proven data model, then enriched, including with open-data when statistically relevant.

Enriched data enables augmented analyses, such as tracking the trends of your cart types and developing ancillary revenues accordingly. 

Discovery automatically adapts to data quality issues to obtain normalized datasets fitting to your constraints (seasons, organizations, scope, etc.).


Discovery provides SaaS dashboards reconciling your different activities and revenue flows (parks, museums, catering, lodging, transportation, etc.) in one click. This panoramic view eases analysis and comparison without any hidden processing and business rules.


Discovery is a promise of data science for all. Switch from foggy reports to understandable KPIs: one tab-one dimension to explore but also, one graph-one purpose.

Boost your decision-making process with data-based insights directly visible in a simple, ready-to-use UI accessible from any device without any set-up constraints.


Your own Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in just a few weeks


Predictor applies big data technology to your scope in order to most accurately anticipate your demand. Our algorithms gain relevance over time thanks to back-testing mechanisms. Predictor is activated and added on-demand to Discovery.


Predictor helps you anticipate your demand highs and lows. Better handle high intensity periods and curb lower ones by using proven yield management methods.

Enhance your Ops decisions by sizing capacities and staffing on time. Optimize your procurement and avoid shortages with one chart.


Predictor is your path towards new digital maturity using the power of machine learning without any black-box effect. Predictor maximizes precisions based on your anticipation window to serve your teams with trust and purpose.


Unleash the full potential of your data with a complete data science analysis and strategic predictive dashboards


Rocket possesses powerful clustering tools to distribute your demand into numerous coherent segments sharing common features and behaviors. Monitor each segment and apply the right tactics at the right time.


By unveiling your demand composition you monitor the performance of each segment to generate additional demand on differnt markets. Our cross-activities reporting exposes your TREVPEC (Total REVenue Per Each Customer) and drives "Per cap" revenue based on each segment's behavior.


Analyze your media plan without any bias and enhance conversion rates by targeting the right segments. Augment your intuition and market experience with the precision of Rocket insights and dashboards.

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