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Multiple data system

I have multiple data systems, how do I find my way around them?


Apollo Plus handle the integration of all your systems, cleansing and enriching your data and applying various business rules. 

Thanks to our dashboard, you'll be able to find all your data at the same place, accessible and automatically refreshed on a daily basis

Additional attendance

Where can I find additional attendance ?

Calculation of the intensity of demand in order to find out which audience a marketing and communication strategy will be most effective with over a given period and calculate a possible ROI.


You'll know where to find additional attedance, when, where and how

Increase prices

If I raise my prices, can I estimate the lose of attendance ?


Detailed segmentation of your audience on any significant variable (cart types or geographic origin).


On those, we can measure the price-sensitivity to find out about variations in demand, but also measure critical prices to assess potential loss of traffic

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