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“Apollo Plus allows us to see what was invisible to us” at the Gouffre de Padirac

Updated: May 24, 2022

Hello Laetitia de Ménibus-Gravier. Why did you choose Apollo Plus?

Hello. With management in Paris and operations more than 300 miles away in the Lot region, it is essential to have effective tools for remote monitoring and management.

These tools were lacking and the reporting features of our ticketing system were unreliable. Without certainty about the reality of our operations, it is risky to verify the marketing and sales functions.

The ability of Apollo Plus to quickly overhaul all of our data was our priority at the moment. But why deprive yourself of doing more and better when possible? Everyone knows that to be customer-oriented you have to be Data-oriented. The work Apollo Plus is doing on data is enormous. It allows us to see what was invisible to us and take advantage of it. My responsibility as a business leader is to assign the right resources where they are needed the most. I chose the best, simply put.

You changed your ticketing system after the implementation of the Apollo Plus solution: was that a problem?

Changing a ticketing system doesn't happen overnight. It is the backbone of our business. Apollo Plus has the advantage of offering the flexibility to adapt to changing systems. It was strategic for us to integrate them as soon as possible on the old system so as not to waste time, but also to help us optimize the new system from the start. Not a problem, therefore, on the contrary.

How did you hear about Apollo Plus?

I am always on the lookout for innovative solutions in our industry. I had the opportunity to attend a presentation from Thomas Isnard, CEO and founder of Apollo Plus, of quantified feedback on references as convincing as they are diverse such as the Puy du Fou or the attractions of the M56 group. We met again afterwards to discuss the questions we had on feasibility and the financial aspects. I am convinced that innovation will always create room for improvement for our activities. Apollo Plus is a case in point.

What does Apollo Plus bring to the Gouffre de Padirac?

The Gouffre de Padirac is a small structure. Apollo Plus strengthens our operations without weighing them down, and allows us to make decisions with confidence on the crucial issues of our activity.

What topics in particular?

Monitoring activity and turnover in real time from 500 kilometers/300 miles away was a governance issue that had to be covered as a priority. Revenue Management is also a key point for us. Like any attraction that caters to the public, we needed to understand who our customers really are, when they buy their tickets and when they visit to provide them with the best customer experience. Staffing is an important subject for us. The daily traffic predictions produced by the Artificial Intelligence algorithms of Apollo Plus enable us to perfectly size our resources, sufficiently in advance. The Apollo Plus dashboard allows us to accurately measure the impact of our communication and marketing actions on our sales. We now know how to measure their effectiveness and how much we earn for each euro invested. The answers given by Apollo Plus on all these topics are factual and are based on relevant and reliable figures, which obviously helps us a lot.

Is the Apollo Plus solution relevant in the context of the COVID health crisis?

When the site reopened, without Apollo Plus, we would have only had an overall appreciation of the attendance compared to a normal season. It is our ability to finely gauge the activity that gives us the opportunity to influence our results. Apollo Plus produced a segmentation that we did not know how to see, and which offers a precise vision of the types of customers underperforming by sales channel and by geographic zone, which makes it possible to target actions and fill in the gaps. The visibility that Apollo Plus offers is a major asset in "normal" times. It is even more so when you lose your bearings with a crisis like the COVID pandemic.


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